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Elegant, Aesthetically Designed Air Conditioned Marriage and Party Hall

We are delighted to offer you an elegant and aesthetically designed venue for all your special occasions. Our convention center is centrally air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for your guests. Located in Mallasamudram, on the Salem to Tiruchengode Highway, our venue boasts outstanding features and excellent amenities to cater to your event needs. Spread across a spacious campus of approximately 1.20 acres, our convention center is the ideal choice for weddings, family gatherings, corporate events, and various other functions.

We take pride in our convenient location on the State Highway, offering easy accessibility for your guests. Our venue also provides ample open space, adding a touch of natural beauty to your celebrations. Whether you are planning a grand wedding, a corporate event, or any other special occasion, Sirushti Yezhisai Convention Center is fully equipped to ensure your event is a memorable and successful one. Our team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch service and ensuring that every detail is taken care of, making your event a resounding success.

Feel free to reach out to us for inquiries or to book the convention center for your upcoming event. We look forward to hosting your special day and making it a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

If you are looking for a perfect Kalyana Mandapam in Mallasamudram, look no further than Sirushti Yezhisai Convention Center. Our elegantly designed and centrally air-conditioned marriage hall offers the ideal setting for your wedding ceremonies. With outstanding features and excellent amenities, our venue is well-suited for hosting a memorable and grand celebration of your special day. The spacious campus of approximately 1.20 acres ensures there is plenty of room for your guests to enjoy the festivities comfortably. Located on the Salem to Tiruchengode Highway, our banquet hall provides easy accessibility, making it a convenient choice for your guests. Whether it’s a traditional wedding, a family gathering, or a corporate event, our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch service, taking care of every detail, and ensuring your event is a resounding success. Choose Sirushti Yezhisai Convention Center for a truly unforgettable and magical wedding experience.

Experience the epitome of luxury and elegance at Sirushti Yezhisai Convention Center, the finest AC marriage hall in Mallasamudram. From its aesthetically designed interiors to the central air-conditioning system, our venue guarantees a comfortable and pleasant ambiance for you and your guests. Whether it’s a grand wedding or a corporate gala, our convention center offers outstanding facilities and amenities that cater to all your event needs. The sprawling campus of 1.20 acres provides ample space to host lavish celebrations, surrounded by the natural beauty of the location. Situated on the Salem to Tiruchengode Highway, our banquet hall is easily accessible to ensure the convenience of your attendees. Entrust our dedicated team with your special occasion, and they will go above and beyond to make your event a truly memorable and successful one. Plan your next event at Sirushti Yezhisai Convention Center and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.